Elope with a helicopter on a mountain in Queenstown

Queenstown helicopter weddings and the best elopements. For the fun bride and groom that want something special on their wedding day. Not only do you get to exchange vows on the highest peaks you also get to boast the most amazing scenic wedding photos. At Eloping Weddings New Zealand, we love planning fantastic elopements that are perfect for our clients.

Queenstown heli wedding

Queenstown heli elopements are as unique as you are

Cooper and Tori chose Queenstown for their amazing location. Never flown in a helicopter before, they both enjoyed the lovely views of Queenstown from above. Joined by just a few select guests, we celebrated the ceremony on the shores on Lake Wakatipu and beat the incoming rain by minutes.

Choose one of many helicopter landings – micro wedding packages available for a variety of locations

If you want a relaxed and no fuss type of elopement, then beautiful Queenstown helicopter weddings are just the option for you. The best part is obviously the flight it self. Fantastic panoramic views over Lake Wakatipu and Queenstown featuring snow capped mountains and deep blue lakes. Sharing your intimate vows in a dreamy secluded part of the world is magical. Very few couples get to do this. Also the financial savings are huge. Because you have eloped in New Zealand, enjoyed as holiday at the same time, you save thousands of dollars on favours, food, drinks and venue hire. It really is the most intimate and romantic way of getting married, not to mention inexpensive.

Elope in Queenstown and take advantage of amazing photos and video giving you excellent bragging rights

Magical photos and video that highlight the commitment for all Queenstown helicopter weddings. For more information on Queenstown heli weddings reach out to us now. We can also arrange heli weddings in Wanaka, Tekapo and Mount Cook.