Mount Maunganui elopements make full use of New Zealand’s most popular beach

Mount Maunganui weddings offer bride and grooms the best beaches in the Bay of Plenty to get married. This sunny and warm region of New Zealand offers plenty of scope for great eloping wedding packages, especially beach weddings. The Bay of Plenty is famous for it’s beautiful coastline. Clean surf and fantastic breaks all minutes from Mount Maunganui town centre. To add to the attraction, Mount Maunganui has excellent 5 star hotels, world class restaurants and is only 40 minutes from an international airport.

Mount Maunganui weddings are super easy when you choose to book your elopement with us

Mount Maunganuielopements in New Zealand take advantage of the magnificent mountain (named Mauao in Maori) and the magical surf and blue waters of the Bay of Plenty. This area is surrounded with a multitude of marine life and off shore islands that shape this bustling area of New Zealand. The Bay of Plenty has plenty of wedding venue options we have excellent relationships with that benefit you.

Mount Maunganui weddings

Mount Maunganui eloping weddings New Zealand

Elope in Mount Maunganui and experience the beautiful Bay of Plenty region

Only a few hours drive from the countries biggest city and largest of New Zealands airports, Mount Maunganui is easily accessible for the eloping couple. This area is a very popular destination with New Zealanders especially over the summer months. Many New Zealanders camp and holiday in Mount Maunganui each year and it is a top New Years Eve destination. It is also very popular with cruise ships and offers a lot of fascinating photo opportunities for weddings.

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Mount Maunganui weddings and packages

Mount Maunganui eloping weddings New Zealand

Wedding planning in Mount Maunganui

This is well proven wedding destination with lots of scenery and activities on offer. Our wedding packages include the following:

  • Legal New Zealand marriage service
  • Beach wedding or vineyard ceremony
  • NZ registered marriage celebrant
  • Two Witnesses
  • Professional wedding photography
  • Professional wedding videography
  • Fine dining for two
  • Hair and make up
  • Bridal bouquets and button hole

Mount Maunganui eloping weddings New Zealand

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