Isobel Glacier elopements in New Zealand are amazing with our heli wedding options

Well, why not get married on a glacier? Isobel Glacier elopements are for those that love the beauty of untouched nature. If you are two unique individuals then you deserve a unique wedding. And what’s more unique than getting married on the top of a massive chunk of moving ice surrounded by the worlds most amazing panoramic views. Exchange vows with the stunning snow capped mountains of the Southern Alps as your back drop? Eloping weddings New Zealand has the best priced Isobel Glacier wedding options for your special wedding day.

Isobell Glacier wedding New Zealand

Elope on Isobel Glacier and enjoy the most amazing views for stunning wedding photos

Lets take things to another level. If you think getting married on top of a glacier is a great to wed, getting there to this marvellous location is even better. A heli-wedding to Isobel Glacier will impress beyond word with the most spectacular 360 degree views. Enjoy views as far as Dunedin, Mount Cook and the Cardona Valley as well aerial views over the quaint township of Wanaka.

At Eloping Weddings New Zealand we arrange your entire day with expert wedding planning ensuring you get the best wedding suppliers. Every detail is taken care of from bouquet and make-up through to your helicopter and photography.

We use New Zealand registered wedding celebrants and your wedding is legally binding no matter what your sexual preference. We are specialists in arranging New Zealand same sex weddings and Lord of the Rings weddings with top suppliers that are compassionate of your needs and requirements.

Queenstown and Wanaka heli-weddings make the most of the scenic beauty

Whilst enjoying your wedding ceremony and heli-flight you will be able to view deep ice crevices and hanging glaciers. A multitude of glaciers spanning up to ten kilometres will amaze you. There are natural New Zealand forests and huge rock faces to inspire and fascinate you on your helicopter flight. Choosing a heli-wedding in New Zealand is more than just a wedding ceremony. It’s an entire mind blowing wedding experience with photos and video to prove it.

Coromandel Peak weddings in Wanaka are a photographers paradise

Coromandel Peak in Wanaka is a fantastic mountain peak to touch down and get stunning photos over Lake Wanaka on the way back from Isobel Glacier. This mountain has lovely tussock and panoramic views over the township of Wanaka and views to Mount Aspiring in the Southern Alps. At certain times of the year it is covered in snow. The rocky out crops are perfect for wedding photos with dramatic backdrops.

For more information on how we can plan you the best Isobel Glacier wedding reach out to us. We would love to hear from you.