Getting married at Cathedral Cove is easy Eloping weddings

Booking Cathedral Cove weddings is easy with our eloping wedding packages throughout the Coromandel, New Zealand. Our packages are prefect for the travelling bride and groom that want to elope and marry somewhere totally unique.

Cathedral Cove weddings in New Zealand take advantage of the stunning blue waters, amazing marine life and hundreds of coves that shape this sea side town on the east coast of New Zealand. Getting married in a huge cave will amaze your family and friends when you return home with stunning photographs.

Cathedral Cove is close to the main Coromandel town of Whitianga and offers a very laid back and relaxing wedding while on holiday in New Zealand. There is a a few complications regards weather, water taxis and crowds that can be had with Cathedral Cove weddings so contacts us so we can talk you through them and advise when the best time of the year is to marry here.

Cathedral Cove weddings New Zealand

This very special area of NZ is only a few hours drive of the biggest city of Auckland and the largest of New Zealands international airports. It is a very cute and fascinating place and offers lots of amazing photo opportunities with a myriad of white sandy beaches, stunning little coves and offshore islands. It is a natural wonder that brings thousands of visitors to New Zealand every year. It’s a great place to marry and very picturesque. Of all New Zealands beach weddings, Cathedral Cove would be the most unique.

On a busy day at peak season this very small little beach can hold 3000 tourists. We can advise on the best time of the year to marry here.

Eloping Weddings will arrange your complete Cathedral Cove wedding

That’s right, we can arrange everything you need for a successful wedding. Packages include water taxis and save you money leaving you more funds for a great little New Zealand holiday.

Cathedral Cove weddings New Zealand
Eloping weddings Cathedral Cove

Why get married at Cathedral Cove?

Cathedral Cove weddings in the surrounding area of the Coromandel has delicious beaches, great fishing, glass bottom boat tours, world class scuba diving and natural untouched beaches. Its also famous for ‘Hot Water Beach’ which you can dig and hole in the sand and enjoy your very own natural ‘kiwi’ spa. Cathedral Cove has a year round warm coastal climate and is well proven wedding destination with lots of scenery and activities on offer.

Our wedding package consists of the following.

  • Legal New Zealand marriage service
  • Two nights bed & breakfast accommodation at a 5 star hotel
  • Beach wedding or vineyard ceremony
  • NZ registered marriage celebrant
  • Two witnesses
  • Transport
  • Professional wedding photography
  • Professional wedding videography
  • Fine dining for two
  • Hair and make up
  • Bridal bouquets and button hole
Cathedral Cove wedding
Eloping weddings Cathedral Cove
Book your Cathedral cove wedding and save money

Contact us for an information pack complete with prices. We have a variety of options so contact us for your convenience. We can pre book all your activities and adventures.

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