Safe and Secure payments options for your elopement in New Zealand

Planning your elopement should be easy and stress free. That’s why we have many secure payment options for you to choose from. 

When you use us to plan your entire wedding day, we arrange a simple payment and everything is done. You don’t have to arrange hair and make-up, florists and restaurants with payments for each supplier. We have done all the work for you. We have selected excellent suppliers and top wedding vendors and a single payment to us is all you need to do to secure your special day.

Ask us about various payment methods that suit your budget and convenience

See below for the simplest and most convenient way of paying. You can simple enter your credit card details and the payment is run-through ‘Stripe for a secure and safe payment. We will send you a receipt upon payment.

If you prefer PayPal, TransferWise or a direct payment from your bank, we can send you the appropriate details to make sure what ever option you decide to use the process is easy.

If you would like to make instalments to help with your budget and travel plans, we can assist with this too.